September 1, 2010

Our first post

     We are going to give this thing a try. This is our very first post so we'll see how it goes. Thank goodness today is Wednesday and there are only 2 more days left before the weekend, wahoo!!! We live for the weekends. This weekend we are planning to watch football all day on Saturday, can we get a big ROLL TIDE!
     Brent has a big meeting this week with a local hospital to present a proposal. He has been working very hard on this to make sure he has dotted his i's and crossed his t's. He works very hard and always does such a great job, I have total confidence in him that he will close this deal.
     Work for me was a little slow today, but I'm not complaining as this has been one busy year. I arrived at work this morning to find a note in my mailbox with some homemade baked goodies from one of my colleagues thanking me for all of my hard work and keeping the medical students schedules straight so they can graduate.
     Today must be the day of surprises. I was in the midst of cleaning up the house and Brent surprised me with a gift certificate to get a mani - pedi. This made my night! To top it off, he had brought sushi, rolls, chicken fingers, and potato salad home for dinner. This might not sound like the dinner for champions, but anything that doesn't have to be cooked is A #1 in my book, ha! GOOD LUCK TO BRENT ON THURSDAY WITH HIS PROPOSAL!